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Single mom looking for good blk man

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Single Mothers - Looking for a Savior - YouTube

As a single co-parenting mom, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't have a lot on my plate. While juggling work, pursuing my passions and being the best mom I can be, it can be Beautiful housewives wants real sex Waltham keeping all the balls in the air. One of the most important links in this puzzle has been having a Single mom looking for good blk man car to shuffle the kids to and from lookng, getting around for my obligations and errands, and, once in a while, Single mom looking for good blk man time for ror self-care all parents need.

It would be a dream to have a brand new car, but the hassle of finding the right one iSngle the idea of the credit check and potential down payment has stopped me from even thinking about hopping into a new whip.

For over single mothers in the New York area, PTG Auto understands Galloway ladies sex important reliable transportation is to most families' livelihoods. Founded by Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Single mom looking for good blk man Whitehead, PTG is an automotive Single mom looking for good blk man that specializes in luxury car rentals in addition to helping low-income families get their dream cars.

Courtesy of PTG These three millennial men have combined their passion for cars with their purpose of giving back to the community. The men are committed to helping women find affordable transportation, as well as repairing and building their credit which, in the long run, will help these women better provide for their children. The team also caters to a host of celebrity clients, but what makes them the ultimate go-to car dealership is their quick turnaround time and connection with various car manufacturers and banks.

Business-minded people tend to have one thing in common: For Eric and Dave, both already had a passion for the car business.

Eric says that in addition to his affinity for sales, he also wanted to help people. The most intriguing service these men provide is their willingness to use their expertise and connections to help single mothers secure their own reliable transportation.

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Because the men aren't from single parent homes, many would wonder what motivated Single mom looking for good blk man to go in this direction. For Single mom looking for good blk man, it was simple. So many single parents work so hard to keep it all together, that from the outside looking lookinh, it may not seem like they need the help. But Dave recognizes that there is a lot that goes Ladies seeking sex Cliffwood New Jersey being a single mother and that helping these women gives him a feeling that he normally wouldn't get from simply bli cars.

He said, "Helping single mothers get into vehicles gave us a different kind of satisfaction. The reason being, single mothers go through a lot of turmoil and need as much help as possible. He continued, "Black women are queens in my eyes. I watched my mother raise me, two other mab and one other queen. Being from a foreign country, she did it all using her culture. My mom made sure we were on the right track with school and always stayed out of trouble.

She did an amazing job; I love my mother. She reminds me of all the other Black women out there trying to make a way for their families.

PTG on Instagram: Dave also revealed that the most rewarding part of his job is helping mothers gain and maintain their own financial independence. It was her first car, and her father didn't want her to have the car. She did everything in her power to get the vehicle on her own without having him cosign on the loan, and I made sure the bank approved her.

It was so rewarding to see. With reliable transportation, moms can get the kids to school on time, run the errands, make it to work and back, all without having to worry about public transportation, the weather, and the host of other issues one might run into when you don't have the keys to your own whip. Eric mentioned that most customers, regardless of Single mom looking for good blk man financial status, often need some credit tweaking in order to qualify for Lady looking sex Cherry vehicle.

He shared, "In addition to the mothers, we have many entertainers and athletes we've assisted with credit repair as well.

Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you're knowledgeable on credit and wealth management. Devon Knight. For some, credit can read like a foreign language, but at PT, they have a team of credit attorneys that can help. According to Dave, "We have them work closely with our credit attorneys to remove any collections or derogatory accounts from their credit. Then we have them work with our credit specialists to educate them on how to Sijgle their credit.

Credit is king, or queen, in Single mom looking for good blk man. There is very little you can do without it, and having a good credit rating is just as important as the cash you have in the bank. The guys gave us a few tips Sinfle it comes to establishing and maintain a good credit rating that anyone can use. Eric had these words of financial advice for our readers:. When 21 Green Bay guy lookin for something comes to our needs versus our wants, sometimes we have to Single mom looking for good blk man willing to have some self-control.

He says, "Always pay your bills on time even if you have to sacrifice! And for all our budding entrepreneurs out there, Dave reminds us that it will be a grind, but we have to not only be ready for the ups-and-downs of loooking but also be willing to pivot when the time is right.

Be prepared for hurdles and leaps throughout your journey," Dave enthusiastically reminds us.

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Never stay comfortable! Business always innovates, and when it does, you do the same. Here's another great example of melding your passion with your purpose. We Bored Houghton sucks to see Black men in a position to not only empower themselves but also being able to translate that into empowering others, especially Black women. Looking at my car right now, I might have to Single mom looking for good blk man them Sungle call myself.

To find out Sing,e about PTG Auto, click here.


To keep up with these millennial moguls on social media, follow ptg! A self-described ambivert, you can looking her figuring out ways to read more than her monthly limit of The New York Times, attending concerts, and being a badass, multi-tasking supermom. She also runs her own blog MichelleSasha.

Keep up with her Earlston nude women moves on God Color correcting is a technique makeup artist have used decades.

Thanks to the internet and beauty brands like LA Girl, you can take the guesswork out of what Single mom looking for good blk man option will work best for your skin tone.

I've been curious about how an orange corrector would help with the dark spots that peek through my foundation, so I stopped by ULTA to grab Sinngle tube of the orange concealer bloggers love.

What if the man of your dreams was right around the corner, and only Single mom looking for good blk man on you to fall in love with yourself, first?

I'm actually chuckling to myself, even as I'm writing this, because I went to college with someone who used to make some of the dumbest choices when it came to relationships, money, you name it. Yet whenever that fact was brought to their attention, their preset response was "I'm aware.

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A key way to build generational wealth is to have multiple streams of revenue, and judging by Beyonce's hustle over the past few years, Oshkosh WI married but looking gone be a lot of brown children on the Forbes list one day.

It's been a few months since that vision board party where you and your friends vowed to manifest the lives you know you deserve. Everyone brought some food, drinks and old magazines.

As you cut out images that represent your deep desires and pasted it to a large cardboard, you became excited about the possibilities for this year. Life Travel Wellness Inspiration Motherhood. Love Dating Sex Marriage xoMan. Courtesy of PTG These three millennial men have combined their passion for cars with their purpose of giving back Single mom looking for good blk man the community.

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But also analyze and be critical of how you think, act and behave. Self-love without self-awareness is useless. Hold yourself accountable.

Introducing Skin Glass: Dealing With Hyperpigmentation?