"Grab a Pickle & Beer... then let's geek out on bacteria."

VITAL ALCHEMY with Jennifer Harris



Learning about fermentation from Jennifer Harris is like learning about the sky from a Ray of Sunshine. Her energy is refreshing, her knowledge is astounding and her passion is contagious!


vital alchemy classes

Want to learn more about fermenting? Let Jennifer and her band of avid fermentists simplify the process. Vital Alchemy classes are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm @ Sebastopol Grange Hall in Sebastopol, CA. Attendance is free although if an optional hands-on project is available and you'd like to take home materials, donations are greatly appreciated. 

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you won't want to miss this event

The 2015 event will host 35+ vendors of non-alcoholic, artisan fermented foods and Founded beverages. Try traditional fermented foods like kimchi and dill pickles, along with unexpected ferments like cultured condiments and salsas. 

The list of classes for this years event includes making cultured salad dressings, nukazuke pickles and miso. There is something for everyone from beginners to fermentation masters. Join Todd from Happy Girl Kitchen to learn to make incredibly delicious and traditionally soured dill pickles or Alex Lewin, author of Real Food Fermentation to learn how to make a richly colored, earth tonic known as beet kvass.

For more information on the festival please checkout http://farmtofermentation.com